Tuesday, November 30, 2010

november goals

On the last day of November, I am home sick with a cold. I dragged myself up this morning, all set to rally and go to work, but I failed the 3 step test to see if I am really sick or just tired:

1) Take a shower. I must admit, I could breathe better after the shower, but I still felt like crap.
2) Drink a cup of tea. My throat felt better and my voice was a bit better, but I still felt like crap.
3) Eat something. My headache was slightly better, but I still felt like crap.

And there you have it. If those three things still don't make me feel better, it's time to call in. That, and my forward thinking that tomorrow I absolutely cannot miss work. So given the choice of today or tomorrow I chose today to sleep, drink tea, and putter around working on all my projects and piles.

On the last day of November, its also time to look back at the goals:

November Goals:

1) Lose 5#: 1/2 credit. Lost 3
2) Get 2011 race schedule set: Pretty much done. Assuming I get that coveted Boston number, the biggies in 2011 will be: April = Boston Marathon
May = Run to Remember 1/2 Marathon
June = Patriot 1/2 Ironman
July = Old Colony Olympic Distance Tri
August = Sharon Sprint Distance Tri
September = Plymouth Rock Sprint Tri and Hyannis Sprint Tri
October = Ruckus (and maybe Newport 1/2 Marathon)
We'll see how my body holds out. But with the exception of yesterday and today, I've been turning up the heat in the off season training, so I'm optimistic.
3) Get apartment into winter configuration. Done. And I'm much warmer for it!
4) Finish work presentation: yep.
5) Do certification exam: finishing touches tonite and mailing it off tomorrow! (how's that for down to the wire?)
6) Get Xmas shopping 1/2 done: sure did! And didn't go NEAR a store on Black Friday. I'm not that crazy!
7) Finish 4 books. Done under the wire on that, too. Probably couldn't have done it without the sick day, today. (no...that's not WHY I stayed home. I'm miss mucous!) And I'm pretty proud of myself. One of the books was 1100 pages long. Stupid Stephen King!
8) Post every day this month: almost. 24 posts in 30 days.
9) Get started on photo book from trip: This I haven't started. And its totally not my fault! My two friends and I decided to share all our photos and then I was going to choose from all our 3 sets. I uploaded all my prints to snapfish and sent them to my buddies. I have yet to convince them that opening snapfish will not crash their computers or invite cyber preditors into their lives. (But storing every single photo you have ever taken on your hard drive will dramatically slow down your computer!) I may just have to do this solo!
10) Get rid of 30 things this month: success. This week, I got rid of a pair of slippers and two books. (into the donation bag)

Not bad for November! But before I move on to December, one last

Today I am grateful for:
1) humidifiers
2) ginger ale
3) tea
4) naps
5) crossing everything off the to-do list.

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