Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Cards

As this weekend comes rolling in with the cold weather, I have only one big thing to accomplish: sending out Christmas cards.

I know, exciting, right? For me, well, yeah. I love sending Christmas cards. 

This is not the case for everyone. I have many friends, colleagues, and clients who dread the thought of sending out cards. For them, it's a tedious task that takes way too long. It makes them frustrated and agitated and frankly doesn't have that much of a payoff. And to those people, I say- "Don't send cards anymore." Cards are certainly not mandatory. If they cause you stress, you should certainly eliminate them from your life.

For me, Christmas cards are a joy. I put on a movie (extra points if it's a Christmas movie), pull out the address book and let the fun begin. 

The time I spend writing a little personal note, addressing the envelope, stuffing and stamping is the time I spend reflecting back on all the good times I've have with the recipient. Which is nice. Especially since there are many names in that address book who I haven't seen face to face in years. It happens.  Some people I've drifted away from as life got busy and we moved in different directions. Some people it was a more intentional break. That happens, too. 

Yet even when I specifically decided that I could no longer have somebody in my life in order to guard my own sanity, I can still send them a Christmas card.

For 3 or so minutes, I can remember this person fondly. I can laugh at little jokes we used to have. I can reminisce about things we did. And I can send out the card with good vibes and long distance loving thoughts. Maybe we're not in each other's lives anymore. But for one brief moment each year, we are in one another's hearts. 

So this weekend, I'll be laughing and smiling to myself, sending out friendly wishes to distant friends. And wrapping it all up with a Santa Claus stamp. 

Merry merry and happy happy

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