Thursday, June 19, 2008


So last nite I met some friends at an outdoor bar on the waterfront to go see our favorite band doing an accoustic show. Aside from the beautiful night (wonderfully mosquito free on the ocean) the balmy weather and the exquisite full moon, the music was great and the beer was free. (well, not free, I just didn't pay for any. 2 beers and a diet coke from 3 different people who INSISTED on buying. Hey, if you insist)

During one of the breaks, a band member walked over and was talking to us. What started out as small talk turned into a contest for who was, in fact, the biggest loser. I, of course, have the whole "I live in an apartment over my best friend's garage" thing going for me. So that trumped the "I had to trade my awesome truck in for a Scion because gas costs too much" and "I thought that guy was trying to pick me up, but it turns out he was waving to the girl standing behind me". However, tonight, I lost this bet. Guitar guy won with "I just got divorced, I live in my younger brother's house, and the only decoration in my one room is a poster of The Joker".

So even though I didn't buy any of my own drinks, I did have to buy a drink for the biggest loser of the night. Which is actually a good thing.

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