Monday, June 23, 2008


So, continuing with the theme of stains for this week: the cicadas are out in full force in Mashpee, through which I have to drive on the way to work. Which means...lots of splattering. Giant, yellowish beige stains on my windshield.

The cicadas are huge. On the ground, they look like extra long cockroaches. In the air, they look like small hummingbirds. They fly willy-nilly up and down, back and forth swooping through the air. It's very difficult to swerve and avoid the flying beasts.

What makes it worse is when they land just out of reach of the windshield wipers. Then their little bodies get cooked in the summer sun and become a giant summer stain on my windshield. I know its terrible to talk about a living creature in this way; "man, his death really ruined my day and made my jeep dirty". But what else am I to do? They are cruising around in swarms.

Clouds rolled in and its thundering tonight. Maybe the rain will wash the cicada stains away.

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