Sunday, June 8, 2008


This weekend I was busy from beginning to end with lots of family and friend things. On Friday, I went to my neice's dance recital and watched her tapdance to "Crocadile Rock", perform hip hop to "Shining Star" and do ballet to "She's got a Way". I was surprisingly impressed. After spending months watch her begin to show me her dance moves only to have her stop and say "Oh, no, wait. I messed up. Let me start over", I wasn't really expecting much. But they actually danced quite well together, they were in sync with one another, and nobody messed up and had to start over again. It's the first of her recitals I have been able to see.

On Saturday, I ran a bunch of errands, but finally got to the beach and saw some friends that I hadn't seen since last summer.

And today, I had breakfast with a friend who lives in Washington DC. We had some raspberry french toast and then walked along the waterfront and through town, commenting on what has changed in the past year. In the afternoon, I went to my friend's son's first birthday. It was pretty low key and casual but again, I got to be there and give a present in person rather than sending one through the mail. And in the evening, we all went out to dinner for my brother's 40th birthday. Nice. and scary that he is 40!

It was the perfect weekend, weatherwise, for me, though everyone else was complaining about how HOT it was. I loved it. It was great to take the top off the jeep and drive around and just hang with my family and friends.

I found it especially fitting that as I was driving home the windy way through the pine hills, the radio was playing songs from 10-15 years ago. Though I spent the first half of this year lamenting the fact that I somehow was at the same point in my life that I was at 10 years ago. But today, driving home with the top down, looking at the trees, and singing along with the Gin Blossoms, I felt so happy to be back home.

I don't know how I'll feel tomorrow. But for today, I can't imagine being happier anywhere else.

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