Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It is already June, and it feels like I just turned off the heat. Probably because I just turned off the heat. But that's the way things roll around here: no spring to speak of, just cold and rainy and then all of a sudden, its summer. It never feels right.

The tree pollen is in full swing, which means each and every day I need to wipe down everything in my apartment since its all yellow. Contacts are sticky sticky sticky. And I am exhausted.

Since May turned out to be not such a good month in follow thru, I almost bagged the whole idea for June. But I did eventually get motivated and came up with a few more goals to strive for:

1) For 30 days: I will stick to a non lo carb eating plan. (I guess that's 27 days, now) Since I fell off the eating right wagon, I've been feeling bloated and yucky. not a good way to start the summer.

2) I will read "Revolution Within". I know, I said I'd do that last month, but I really will get to it this month.

3) I will complete a sprint triathalon. Since I have been so wishy washy about my workouts lately, I fear I will come in last after the 78 year old man with arthritis and the 320 pound lady who is celebrating losing 50 on weight watchers.

4) Really go to the movies!

5) See some live music. Somewhere. With someone.

6) 3 projects from the crafts box. Really.

Ok, wake up for June!!

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