Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yesterday I was out riding my bike and a van drove by me. It was a company van for one of those services that specializes in intense cleaning in homes. For instance, if there had been a fire or a flooded basement, this company would come and clean up the smoke damage or water damage or whatever. (for a hefty fee, I'm sure)

Anyway, on the side of this van were the following words: "specializing in damage from smoke * water * mold * mildew * blood".

Blood? Is that a common problem? A room that you just can't clean yourself because of the blood spatter pattern on the walls and ceiling? A floor so saturated from the spreading pool of blood that you know you'll never get it clean, especially if it dries before you can find a mop?

Something tells me that if you have giant, uncleanable blood stains scattered throughout your house, you have bigger problems to contend with than stain removal!

I'm just saying.

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the gazelle said...

tonight, on my way home (via bus) I saw a woman, in the parking lot of an apartment just off a main thoroughfare, place three small garbage bags and a rifle in the trunk of a Cadillac. Maybe she needs the service.