Monday, June 2, 2008


What can I say about May? I was away alot. Work was busy. I did just about nothing on my list. But I suppose its better to be out living life than inside blogging about it.

1) Journaling: did about 15 days or so. But doing a little more regularly with pen and paper than with keyboard. I'll call it a half victory.

2) Read: The Late Bloomer's Revolution. Also on my list to read, just not what I said I'd read in May. So Iguess I'll do May's in June. I'll give myself a high five.

3) Took that class. On traveling on the cheap. Good class for me. Total victory on that one.

4) Ok, did not go to a movie. But I got movie passes that expire this month, so I really gotta get my ass in gear. Wouldn't it be nice to meet somebody new to use those passes with?

5) Clothes switch, complete. In the last weekend in May, good gosh!

6) Did nothing on the projects!!

7) Swam a mile in a pool, dipped my foot in the ocean. NOthing else. And with a triathalon coming up in 2 weeks, I gotta go jump in!

June, lets get cooking!

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