Sunday, August 10, 2008

check in

Could it be that the first week in August has passed already? August always makes me a little sad, thinking that summer is slipping away.

In terms of goals, things slip away, too.

1) I've been putting aside a little time each day to be silent and reflect and focus on breath. I'd like to say that extraordinary and profound thoughts bust into my head. But the only thing I seem to be acutely aware of, other than the fact that I have a hard time not thinking, is that physical pursuits run through my head. I have always been a very physical being. More a kinesthetic learner than anything else. Could it be that I've been trying way too hard for way too long to be a thinker when I should be focusing on the physical?

2) Haven't rock climbed yet.

3) Looking for an outdoor concert. Will probably do it the week I have off.

4) Still finishing up my Picasso book. Gotta get Simple Abundance next weekend.

5) Buying the bike Wed.

6) Have 3 things to give away. 6 more to go.

7) Havent even thought about it.

Slipping away. Slipping away. Slipping away.

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