Tuesday, August 19, 2008

check in

August continues to slip on by and I stand, helpless to do anything to slow it down. My 10 year old neice said to me today that she couldn't wait for school to start, because she was getting sick of summer. Silly girl. Someday, she'll be looking at the calender in disbelief that its August 18 and it seems like summer just started.

Having this week off helps, though. I have a bit of time to slow down and actually get stuff accomplished.

I babysat for 8 hours yesterday and it was pure bliss. Watching the girls and their friends from the neighborhood run through the sprinkler and then joining in. Making them lunch. Sitting them down to paint. Helping the 6 year old to come up with a system of keeping her room clean. I even did 2 loads of their laundry and washed and put away the dishes. Best of all, I didn't have my day chopped up into half hour blocks to accomplish 45 minute tasks with a pager going off 2 or 3 times each half hour to give me some stupid message. I didn't have to log every second of my day and write up exactly what I did to justify those 8 hours of babysitting.

Yeah, the girls whined a little and the younger one tried to pass off cleaning her room as MY responsibility. But they are 6 and 10. Not 46 and 50, whining about their life and yelling at me because I haven't fixed it. Kids are a bit easier that way.

My goals are a lot easier to accomplish, too, with 10 plus extra hours each day.

1) Still plugging away with the meditation. I must admit, its a bit hard, when I feel like I should have every second of my day filled with some sort of task (beeper going off to remind me of the next task). Maybe that's a sign I need this even more. I keep it up, hoping at some point, I'll be able to sit for 20 minutes without feeling like I need to jump up and clean something.

2) Haven't rock climbed yet.

3) Outdoor concerts have been a little hard. Its been raining a lot.

4) Got Simple Abundance and I love love love it.

5) That bike buying expedition failed last Wed and I'm still trying to reschedule.

6) Gave away 9 things. ANd then some. Taught my neices to do the same.

7) Went and spent my gift card on a super cute little dress. I'm not going back to school, I need to figure out where to go in it. (It's not "active". But I do think Serena Williams would approve)

5 More days of vacation!! Can't wait to not do anything.

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