Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Goals

And here we are in August. July flew so quickly. And me with no internet access or phone for half the month. Unfortunately, as far a s goals go. I failed miserably in all ways. But I guess that's ok, too. Sometimes unstructured is the way to go.
1) I did get outside and exercise more. I completed another sprint triathlon. I roller bladed more. But not every day. It rained a lot in July.
2) Ok, on the day I had planned to take a surf lesson, I instead participated in a disabled surf clinic. Not learning, but assisting. ANd I'm gonna count that as a victory. Cause it just may be the coolest, most fulfilling day I had all summer.
3) Read Jen Lancaster's book. Loved it.
4) Still haven't bought that bike. Gotta pin down Potential P. (just can't shake that name)
5) Got drinks left and right. Not on a beach bar. But in a bar nontheless. In Virginia or in Massachusetts, I look quite fetching in that active dress.
6) Dusted off the guitar. that's about it. just dusting.

Alright, I didn't fail as badly as I had thought. I was just in a cranky mood the last few days.
I keep forgetting that the whole purpose of these goals is to STOP beating myself up so much.


1) For 30 days (or 27) I will meditate. I was really good with reflection and spiritual practice once upon a time. That fell along the wayside somewhere along the way. Time to claim that back.

2) This month, I will go rock climbing.

3) I will go to an outdoor concert.

4) I will read: Simple Abundance. and be grateful.

5) I'll buy that bike.

6)I'll go thru the wardrobe and give away 9 things. Why 9? Why not.

7) I'll buy a "back to school" outfit. With that unspent Macy's gift card.

Theme for August is CALM.
(and sorting out the P and Nerd situation)

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Anonymous said...

i like the "goals" post, what a good idea. I read SAPF, too. Loved it. I love her books, BITNB is my favorite. My aunt & cousin got to go to her book signing in Denver and got an autographed book plate (i think that's what it's called) for me to put in my copy. :-)