Sunday, August 24, 2008


Things to do for a memorable August weekend:

1) Try a new drink. I'm a beer girl at heart and I like 'em well made and flavorful. Plus, I have a wicked sweet tooth. So a beer concoction called a raspberry truffle was right up my alley. Raspberry ale with about an inch of Guiness on top. SMOOTH!

2) Watch a scary movie with somebody to snuggle with. A good Stephen King is always an excellent choice.

3) Fall asleep in somebody's arms for the first time.

4) Wake up in somebody's arms for the first time.

5) Ride with the top down. (Man do I love my Jeep! Plus, I love telling people that I went topless! Great reaction faces.)

6) Jump in a river. Swim around for a while. Repeat often.

7) Fall asleep in the sun.

8) Wear your cool bucket hat with pigtails.

9) Talk around the bonfire late into the night.

10) Laugh until you cry.

11) Camp on the beach.

12) Eat Oreos for breakfast. (just not EVERY weekend in August.)

13) Decide what your tatoo will be, if you ever decide to get one.

14) Defend your decision to your friends in the great tatoo debate.

15) Turn your cell phone off all weekend.

16) Throw away something you no longer need.

17) Sit in a hot tub as the sun sets.

18) Take a long, hot shower.

19) Put on a brand new pair of jammies.

20) Re-live the entire weekend in your dreams.

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