Monday, August 4, 2008


Last weekend, we had our annual summer bash here at the Rand-ch. Which means that last weekend we had burgers, drinks, M&Ms, bonfires, hot tubs, AND an appearance by Drunk Heather. For those of you who have not met her, Drunk Heather is alot like regular Heather, only drunker. My friend Isa says she's quite a bit more fun than regular Heather, as well.

Drunk Heather says "I love you" alot. Not only to people she has known for years, but also to people she has just met. Many years ago, in Savannah, Drunk Heather became instant best friends with a girl named Melissa who was wearing the exact same outfit as her. ( Overall shorts over a tye-died peace sign shirt and Tevas: "Oh my God! You have the same outfit as me. I love you!") As you can see, Drunk Heather is a snazzy dresser, as well. The I love you's are not limited to people, either. There are many dogs, cats, trees, bats flying through the air, stars, clouds, and various moon phases that have been the recipients of a deftly uttered "I love you" , as well.

Drunk Heather is also what was so eloquantly described last weekend as: a hug whore. Its true. I admit that when I turn into Drunk Heather, I have an inexlicable urge to hug everyone and everything. (trees, dogs, pillows, and musical instruments as well as people) I believe at one point I went around the bonfire and not only hugged everyone, but announced the winner of the best hugger award. (Jen J, for her firm yet snuggly hug technique) Drunk Heather was ineligable for the award, for obvious reasons.

Generally, I awake the morning after Drunk Heather's visit groaning and making a mental list of apologies I have to make for DH's antics. Not so this time. I have taken the opposite approach. I should be apologizing for NOT acting like DH all the time. Just think what a wonderful place this world would be if we all lived every moment like Drunk Heather:

We'd wake up in the morning thinking "Good morning! I love you sun, for making the day so bright. I love you pillow, for supporting my head and neck so comfortably while I sleep. I love you toothpaste, for keeping my teeth and gums so healthy. I love you car, for transporting me safely to work every day. I love you cranky co-worker, for putting it all out there!" There's nothing wrong with an air of gratitude in life. Though I would probably suggest you keep all these statements INSIDE your head and just let the air of gratitue shine through in other ways. Wow, what a world of shiny happy people it would be!

Now, as far as the hugging thing goes, I fully understand that many people are tactily defensive and would not appreciate an uninvited hug from a ridiculously shiny happy person. I suggest figurative hugs. The jerk that cut you off on the highway probably needs a hug. The lady in Dunkin Donuts who gave you your coffe coolatta (hug). Your cranky co-worker (hug). Your drooly, drooly dog. (He gets a real hug. Pets don't appreciate the figurative) One of my friends at work has a sign over her desk that reads: "Be more gentle than you think is necessary, because everyone is fighting a battle of some sort that you may not see." That's just a more eloquent way of saying: "everyone needs a hug." Drunk Heather a frickin' genius!

So as you go through life this week, tell everyone and everything that you love them privately inside your head. Give everyone and everything a figurative hug. Become a shiny happy person with a positive outlook. And if anyone asks "What's with you?", just answer truthfully: "I'm doing this thing where I try to live my life like a complete drunk."

What'd I tell you? Frickin' genius!

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nice philosophy.:-)