Wednesday, August 20, 2008

waiting on vacation

Wednesday of what my friend, Isa, called my "staycation" and I finally am feeling a bit more rested. I guess that's what I really needed. The weather has taken a turn for the colder, and it felt more like fall today than summer. We did go for a walk on the beach in the afternoon, but overall, a bit to brisk for a beach day.

I am getting some good workouts in. I am getting some cleaning and straightening out done. I am reading and relaxing. I don't feel like its a great vacation, though.

I have felt so under apprecited this past week. Which, I know, sounds selfish, but it feels that way. Lots of assumptions that I will just be free to do stuff for everyone else without checking with me first. Lots of last minute "I need you to babysit" without asking if I was busy. And lots of keeping me hanging about plans.

Maybe I'm being paranoid. But it has felt like I've been kept waiting by more than one person to see if they can get some other plans solidified first.

Again, could be paranoia. I just don't like thinking back to M and missing always having somebody to do something with.

Oh, I'm sure tomorrow I'll snap out of it.

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