Sunday, January 25, 2009

Honest Scrap

Tonite, I decided that my week long reading deprivation had gone on long enough, and I started reading blogs like a starving man let loose in an all you can eat buffet. And Lo and Behold! I found that Lacey had passed along a little blog award.

I'm supposed to name 10 random things about myself. So, here goes:

1) My favorite food is broccoli. It has been since I was three.

2) I love beer. But only micro-brew beer. I'm one of those people who know exactly what beer to pair with whatever food we are having.

3) I hate shopping.

4) And shoes.

5) And purses.

6) I also have no idea to use styling tools to do my hair. I just kind of let it air dry and fluff it with my fingers.

7) Nerd has way more hair styling products than me.

8) And a better sense of style, as well.

9) I think one of my X chromosomes is fractured in some way to produce the above combination.

10) I've been batting around the idea of adding a weekly feature to my blog about how clueless I am when it comes to "girly" things. Like dressing nice, walking in heels, and primping.

ANd now, significantly more humbled than when I started this post, I pass the award along to:






Lacey said...

Aww... don't feel bad. I can't walk in heels to save my life, and I didn't own a purse until last year. (I used to swear by a backpack, but now just carry my debit card around in my back pocket, haha). Oooh! And MY favorite food is... is... well it's not broccoli, but it's close (hooray spinach)!

Diane said...

Cool, thanks! I don't know what to do with styling tools either. And I hate to shop. And, sadly, it shows. Sigh.

Diane said...

Come get an award over at mine...

Carolina John said...

that's a great list. i too have no use for styling tools. but then, i'm a dude. Still, as a nerd, i appreciate your lack of knowledge more than you may realize. it's ok.