Thursday, January 22, 2009

A memorable feast

Last Friday, I went to a ridiculously expensive, fancy resturant in Manhattan. I ate at this restaurant once before, last year, and it was THE most expensive meal I have ever eaten. As of last Friday, that would be the second most expensive meal.

The restaurant, called Tabla, is advertised as "American food with Indian spices". I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, exactly, but I am sure it is amazing! We ordered the chef's tasting menu, which is 7 scaled down courses of seasonal foods. At first, you look at the shot-glass sized helping of mushroom soup and the one cracker with water chestnut and pate and think "I guess I'll be stopping at Micky D's on the way home. There's no way this will fill me up."

But there are seven courses! They just keep coming and coming and coming. ANd each was more delicious than the last. I would say it was nothing less than a taste explosion in my mouth.

It's funny. One entree would taste very distinctive. Then you would taste it with a bit of the side and it would taste completely different! The complementing flavors of the two foods combined to make something far greater than the sum of its parts. Finally, you'd take a sip of wine, and even more flavors would come out! I was quite simply, awed by the mastery of food displayed at this place.

ANd for a combo birthday/ Xmas present, my friend, Isabelle got me the restaurant's cookbook. So maybe someday soon, I'll have to try to make a masterpiece of my own.

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Lacey said...

That sounds so yummy! You will have to share your recipe when you make something! :D