Saturday, January 24, 2009

slippy sloppy winter days

I was all set to take some pictures today as I drove around doing my errands. But sometimes winter in New England isnt so picture perfect.
Sometimes, after a week of just-above freezing days and below-freezing nights, of sand and salt trucks blanketing the roads and parking lots to keep everyone from sliding into ditches, the lovely white snow turns into disgusting brown and gray slop. The garage turns into a quagmire. The front entryway of the house turns into a sand pit.
These are the kind of days that you'd just assume forget about.
These are the kind of days that make you defeat your two hour gym workout with a night in front of oxygen TV with a giant bag of M&Ms.
Oh, when is spring?


Diane said...

Ick. It was nice here yesterday. It looked nice today. So I only wore a sweater to the park with the dog. It wasn't as nice as it looked. It was quite cold out. Quite cold indeed. But still not 'slippy' or 'sloppy'. Small favors.

Heather said...

Yuck. Hearing you talk about slippy, sloppy weather makes me a little more glad to live in the south. Where "cold" is 35 or 40 degrees. Where just this weekend it reached 70. Yeah.