Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's simplicity

I know it's only January, but this whole getting rid of one thing a day is going quite well and easily. I may be singing a different tune in September, but for now, I'm all happy. I find that as I clear out the clutter, I'm thinking more clearly, I'm relaxing a bit more, and ideas are flowing into my head. 'Course, that may be because of the Artists Way journey I'm on, but I think the clearing out of the old to make way for the new has a bit to do with it, as well.

This week, I focused on my little office-alcove area. (Since my apartment is a studio-type loft thing, I don't have a seperate room for an office. It's a much smaller area with a much longer name: office-alcove-area. Say it 10 times fast. It's fun!)


Jan 19: Under the bookshelf, I have a couple baskets where I keep electronics stuff. I went through the baskets and got rid of the plastic cases from my ipod that fell out of my gym bag and sat in a frozen puddle all night (the day before a 20 mile training run UGH!) and the other ipod that got stolen out of my jeep over the summer. Yeah, that makes 3 ipods for me. Fortuneately, the prices keep going down. I NEED my ipod. But I don't need to keep the cases. (recycle bin)

Jan 20: Over in the corner, I have a boom box and a CD case. (Sometimes I'm old school) I got rid of a couple jewel cases that were still hanging around. (recycle bin)

Jan 21: Back to the bookcase. On top is where I keep my hats. 2 baseball hats to the donation bag.

Jan 22: Over to the desk drawer. (This was very messy and disgusting. It's a wonder I could find anything in there. Suprisingly, I didn't throw out half the drawer) Only some now-defunct business cards from old acquaintences and an ink cartridge for a printer I no longer own. tossed

Jan 23: Today, I brought the now-full bag of clothes to the Goodwill

Jan 24: I moved on over to the bathroom today. (thas IS a seperate room. Because a toilet-alcove area would just be wrong) In the medicine cabinet, I got rid of a bunch of contact cases. How many of these does one person need? They're plastic, though, so they are recyclable.

Jan 25: I went over to my brother's house because my neice needed help with her health class homework. I have no idea from where the teacher downloaded the crossword puzzle for the kids homework, but I think "integumentary system", "epithelial cells", "thalmus", "thyroid", and "anterior cruciate ligament" are a bit advanced for 10 year olds. Especially since none of the answers could be found in the 5th grade text book. Anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to return the tupperware I had cleaned out of my kitchen cabinets a couple weeks ago.

Jan 26: Laundry day! One load today, one article of clothing. I honestly did not want to get rid of anything in the laundry basket. So I hit the dresser and put a pajama top into a new donation bag.

Whew! I'm feeling so much lighter and fluffier! Getting rid of stuff is like fabric softener for the brain.


Diane said...

I'm going to stop reading your blog because you just make me feel guilty :)

I can't remember if I commented earlier, but I gave you an award today, under the "D'oh!" post.

Lacey said...

I really keep telling myself I'm going to follow in your footsteps. But I've reduced myself to "baby" footsteps, where "baby" = "thinking about it." Le sigh.

Heather said...

Again with the being productive. You've got to stop. I'm feeling a little useless. Or maybe I should just start being a little more like you. Is it cool if you're my role model?

Anonymous said...

Aaaand when you're done there, you'll come over and help me get rid of my crap, right? Right? Please?