Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Goals

Well, the ball has dropped (is it me or did that ball NOT move? I heard Dick Clark counting down rather rapidly and Kelly Pickler screaming her foolish head off, but I did not see that ball move one iota) the new calender is up, and hope is in the air.

It's time for the first goals of the new year. I'm feeling rather ambitious. But first, I need to look at what has become in my mind December's Disappointments:

1) Drinking 8 glasses of water a day: I failed miserably at this. I have discovered that the more I drink, the more I need to go to the bathroom (can we have a collective "Duh"?) But here's the deal: I was soo busy at work in December, that I found myself purposely drinking less so I wouldn't have to go because, I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO PEE! However, after my little meltdown, I have been trying to speak up and keep things in check a bit more. So I'm gonna give this another go in January.

2) Read 3 books from the bookshelf: Ok, that was successful. I read "Life is so Good", "Bright Lights, Big Ass", and "Creative Visualization". Now my job for January is to pass these books along and read three more from the overcrowded bookshelf.

3) Buying very few Xmas gifts: I bought stuff for the kids, as they certainly aren't going to appreciate the handmade route. Pretty much baskets with gift jars inside. It probably ended up costing more than if I just went out and bought something to begin with. But I think all the time that went into them was appreciated. A little more personal than "gift cards for everyone"

4) Finish the Inspirational CD's that somebody gave me: Last month I did about half. This month I did about half of the half that were left. So in total, 3/4 of the way done. I think that's enough. I'm getting rid of em.

5) Going to Isabella Steward Gardner Museum: Bah humbug.

On to January. I'm feeling rather ambitious. The nablopomo theme for January is CHANGE. I'm all for that! I'm feeling a change in the air, and I'm trying to change this around on the blog a bit, clean this place up and make a nice cozy spot to put my feet up. In all my ambitiousness (is that a word?) I have decided that 10 is the magic number for goals:

1) Get rid of one thing every day (it can be thrown away, given away, recycled, returned, re-gifted, re-purposed or donated) Just so long as I'm clearing out the old, making room for the new. This goal is actually a year long goal, but let's focus on January for now.

2) Water Water, water, water. Drink, drink, drink. Let's try to keep my lips from getting so chapped they fall right off my face.

3) Stick to Triathlon Training Program

4) Read 3 books from the overwhelming bookshelf (which can later be given away)

5) Go to Isabella Steward Gardner Museum (I'm gonna keep up with those goals until I either reach them or throw them out the window)

6) Post a blog entry every day (the NaBloPoMo challenge)

7) Starting in on "The Artist Way" program. (I may need 26 hour days)

8) Stick to an eating plan In December I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked it off. I ate my body weight in cookies. Now I need to be a little better to myself.

9) Take more pictures

10) Make an effort to let people I love know it more often I don't do that enough.

Now, if I can just peel myself off this chair and get started...


Diane said...

Good goals. My list is similar. Now if I can just peel my ass off this couch ;)

the gazelle said...

I'm not getting a very fast start today, either. I meant to do SOMETHING today.

Anonymous said...

I'll do this with you too, specifically reading, drinking more water (I avoid it for the same reason at work! I laughed when you wrote this), and exercising. I get to test myself tomorrow, first day back at work.

Sam_I_am said...

I read somewhere that 8 glasses of water isn't necessarily the best amount to drink. You should drink enough to not feel thirsty and when you piddle, it should be clear. If a person drinks too much water, they can actually get drunk, but I think that requires a LOT of water. I don't think I drink 8 glasses of anything during the day. Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Great list, as always! I made a list too, but I don't know if I'll post it. The biggest things is to quit being lazy so my clothes will start fitting better. :)
Happy 2009 :)