Sunday, May 31, 2009

June Goals

May is drawing to a close and June is creeping in. Summer is here and I am filled with optimism and hope! Ok, maybe not 100% of the time, but at least part of the time. What better way to meet the summer than hopeful, right? And hopeful is how I am as I write June's goals. But first...May's recap.

May Goals:

Partial credit seems to be my theme for the past two months. I was about 50% successful with the May goals, just like April.

1) Lose 4# for racing weight: Ok, this is more than a fail. This was a move in the wrong direction. Somehow, I ended up 2 pounds heavier at the end of the month, though with looser pants. Maybe its because I have that tendency to put on weight when I exercise more. Or maybe it was a subconscious protest to the horrible message that "The Biggest Loser" seems to be sending out --so different than the show used to be in its first two seasons. Seriously? Now it seems to be advocating eating disorders and weight loss at any cost, including health and mental well being. But I digress. June needs to bring about the food journal once again, along side the exercise log. Sigh.

2) Decluttering: OK, the decluttering is moving right along. This month, my enthusiasm waned somewhat, but I stilled chugged along. I may not be turning cartwheels, but I'm liking how much more streamlined the love loft is looking. (say that 5 times fast)

3) 5 books from the bookshelf: Success! I have been meaning to share some of those books in posts, but never got around to it. Need to be better with that!

4) Run 100 miles this month: another fail. After my knee injury at the beginning of the month, I stuck to biking, swimming, and elliptical for 2 weeks. But that didn't seem to hurt my race performance, because --

5) Complete Half Marathon with PR: total success!! Yay!

6) 3 projects from the project box: half credit here. 2 done. More on that project box, later.

7) Do the switch from winter to summer clothes: Done and done. Took about 4 times as long as I thought it would.

8) Go See a Band with Friends: Success: Outdoor, free concert, nonetheless!

9) 6 more snail mail letters to friends: just in under the wire, completed last night!

10) Swim in the ocean twice: half credit. Swam once.

June Goals:

1) Start of the Triathlon Season!! First Sprint with PR: Ambitious, but I'm hoping to knock 15 minutes off my time from last year. (I have a better bike and some tri shorts to cut down transition times)

2) Do that food journal and drop those 2# I put on last month: I know I get more muscular when I train, but it's still more weight to carry around for however many miles the races are.

3) Another 5 books from the bookshelf

4) One mile swim in the pond, 50 mile ride on the bike, 15 mile run on the canal (not all on the same day)

5) Going to St Louis with Isabella this month -- see at least one blues band, go gambling, go on a riverboat, and get nice and drunk!

6) Continue decluttering

7) Go to niece's recitals and karate tournaments That IS, after all, the #1 reason I moved back here.

8) Finish going through cassette tape programs I have from all those years ago

9) Complete work correspondence course

10) Have a girl's movie nite with J and S

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Carolina John said...

you could also add #11, stop admitting you still own cassette tapes and player.

Good luck in the tri! i've got one coming up saturday that i'm getting scared of now. with a better bike and faster transitions, you should be able to pr. hang in there!