Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Goals

Well, August has rolled in with a smile and a big ol' dash of yippie yahoo. Today was the best day of summer thus far. I beached it with my two best buddies, hit the gym for a 90 minute workout, then joined the two best buddies for the Harry Potter movie. Good day!

So as I bask in today's afterglow, I'm looking back on July and thinking that I was just really morose. Blah! I'm guessing about half and half with the goals.

1) Complete first Olympic Distance Tri: Check. But boy, was I slow!

2) Weight Loss: OK, not great. I lost 3 pounds in one month. But at least I didn't put on weight. And I'm actually down a pants size. For 3 pounds. I think the laws of mechanics and physics just rearrange themselves when in close proximity to my body.

3) 5 more books from the bookshelf: Done and done. But I need to make sure I stop bringing new books in. My sofa has two (2)! stacks of books on in right now!

4) Online class: Ever feel like your entire life in one giant, never ending to-do list? I did this month. So I put off the online class until next month (August)

5) Complete VHS study courses: About half successful on this one. I completed one class. A couple more still sitting there.

6) Continue decluttering: success. on and on and on with this one.

7) Pilate's Mat Certification: success! And I got the sore abs to go with it.

8) Go rollerblading, kayaking, biking, and boating. everything but the boating.

9) Bonfire on the beach: check

10) Girl's night out: done!

Onward to August, I feel like I need a good old fashioned summer vacation. Of course, I'm still working like a lunatic, so I'm just going to cut back a little on the goals for August.

1) Get my hair cut! Are there any other people on earth who have to put that down as a goal? Don't most people just go and do it? Not me. I don't think I get anything accomplished if I don't keep a list.

2) Three more pounds: I'd just feel a bit better if I was somewhere in the vicinity of my body weight from my 20's.

3) Finish the two book stacks on the sofa

4) Online class

5)Continue decluttering

6) Step up the running mileage for marathon in October

7) Go boating with J, K, Nerd, and his sister

8) Submit proposal for new clinic procedures in work

9) PR for sprint tri

10) Go Hiking

Happy August, all!

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Carolina John said...

say, how slow was your time in the oly? i ran my first oly in june at 3:26, which was good enough for last place. i bet you could take lessons from me about how to be slow. at least we finished.