Monday, August 24, 2009

decluttering fashion mistakes

This past week, I had a grandiose plan of completely cleaning out the storage area from top to bottom, including sweeping, dusting, and putting down a rubberized floor mat. However, with the glorious summer weather this week, that plan went right out the window. I'm sure there's a rainy Saturday in my future in which I can forgo an afternoon on the sofa watching movies to clean out the storage area. Instead, I did what I usually do, run in, find something I don't need anymore, whip it right out of there and run away.

This week was a little different though. This was the week I finally faced the fact that some articles of clothing just can't follow me into the forth decade of my life.

When I was younger, I had an affinity for overalls. Yes, you read that right. OVERALLS! Here's the thing, though: I looked adorable in them! I was one of those girls in overalls and a tank top, hair in braids with Chuck Taylors and a funky little scarf or belt around the waist. Think -- Demi Moore wearing the overalls in Ghost. Think -- Maryanne from Gilligan's Island. Think -- I dunno, Drew Barrymore on any typical Thursday. I didn't look like a frumpy hillbilly, I looked cute.

I had overalls in every color of the spectrum. I had dark blue, light blue, acid washed, white, yellow, gray, brown and pink. I had denim, corduroy, linen. I even had overall shorts: one pair had a big sunflower on the bib (I wore it with a bucket hat that also had sunflowers) and the other pair had a flowery skirt below the bib. The shirt of choice under the overalls was always a tank top, but I had little printed thermal henley shirts for colder weather. Sometimes I'd wear one strap unfastened if I was feeling particularly saucy.

When I went into the storage area this week, I was faced with four pair of overalls leftover from oh-so-long-ago. I had to face the facts: I'm not living in the 80's (or 90's) anymore. Nobody is going to make a video like Dexy's Midnight Riders and bring overalls back in style. And even if they did, I'm pretty sure that the things I could pull off at age 27 would just make me look pathetic now.

Take, for instance, a pair of pink board shorts I have. Like overalls, I love board shorts. I once owned about 6 pair. Now I'm down to two. But I've been working out quite a bit lately, and I spent the entire week in and out of the water. I figured the pink board shorts were totally fine. And they totally fit. So I was good.

But while walking down the street in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, I caught a glimpse of myself in the window of a store. I looked like -- you know that woman who spends her entire life at the gym and then raids her teenage daughter's closet? The clothes fit her body pretty well, but she's 43 and walking around with a University of Pink sweatshirt and Juicy across her ass! Yeah, that was me in my pink board shorts. And sadly, I didn't even raid somebody else's closet. They were mine all along.

The clothes donation bag was bulging this week!

In addition to the 5 articles of clothing, I finished two books and put em aside to give to Isabella when I go see her next weekend.


Carolina John said...

that's a lotta overalls. i do have one pair (gotta admit) but it's not cute on me. it's hillbilly. but i'm a southern redneck, and i usually wear them on fall/winter days working in the garden with a john deere straw hat on too. so it's one image.

Anonymous said...

I really, really think that there should have been pictures accompanying this post...

Anonymous said...

Oops, there was supposed to be a ;) at the end of that comment!

Anonymous said...

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