Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today, I did something I never do: I allowed myself a day of "downtime". I'm always on my way somewhere to do something or working to cross things off my never ending to do list. Today started out that way, as well. But something happened at the farmer's market while I was stocking up on tomatoes and squash and organic edamame-dearest-hummus and eggplant caviar; I decided that I wanted to just enjoy my vegetables and the sunshine and the perfect not-too-hot-not-too-cold temperature.

I finished my morning errands and stopped by my parents house to say hi. I went home and had a nice lunch while watching the learning channel. I loaded up the 6 or so books that I am simultaneously reading and spread them out around my towel as I sat in the sun and read. Then I went for a swim across the pond. Unlike my other swims, I focused not on form or speed or why the heck can't I swim in a straight line in the open water, but on how wonderful it feels to swim. I really love swimming.

This evening, I picked up my place and watched chick flicks on tv.

Sometimes it feels good to just BE and ENJOY.


Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome!! What 6 books are you simultaneously reading? (if you want to list them in another blog post, cool.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you gotta have down-time! And now I really wanna go swimming... :)

Carolina John said...

be and enjoy indeed. indeed. nicely done, heather!