Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tuesday's bad dates...Ned

It has come to my attention that I have been lax with my Bad Dates posts. Call it laziness, or no motivation, or boredom. But this week, all of a sudden, I snapped out of it. (I would have posted yesterday with my new found energy, but I had a piercing headache right over my left eye. It's better now) So, anyway, let's head back to the horrifying world of dating, Jeepgirl style.

Yesterday, I was at a class in Providence, RI. The course instructor mentioned off-hand that her fiance had to check out of the room at 1:00 and hang out until 5:00 when the class ended. At lunch, we were joking that he should go down the road to "The Foxy Lady" to pass the time. (I'll let y'all guess what an establishment named "The Foxy Lady" has inside) And I was reminded of a blind date that my friend, Isabella went on. (I have to say, she may actually have worse luck than me)

Anyway, Isabelle's sister's boyfriend had a single friend, Ned. They decided that since he was single and Isabelle was single, then -- presto -- they would be perfect for each other. After all, they knew the same people!

So Ned called up Isabelle and they decided upon a dinner date. He picked her up and brought her to . . . Hooters! Yes, THAT Hooters.

When she mentioned that she wasn't exactly thrilled with his choice of restaurants for a first date, he looked at her blankly and said "What? They have great wings."

Yeah. There wasn't a second date.


Heather said...

Haha... Ned sounds awesome. I don't understand the problem? What girl wouldn't want to go on a date to Hooters? Ha... poor Ned. Maybe he's just clueless.

Carolina John said...

my guess is nekkid girlies.

and hooters does have good wings, but i haven't been in years.

Anonymous said...

haha! Well better off they find out *now* about complete incompatibility in dining choices. lol. This was a good one!