Monday, August 31, 2009

getting back on track

Hey all!

I am back from a fun (and expensive) weekend in New York and New Jersey and back to work, exercising, trying to eat right, and decluttering. August is drawing to a close and so is my wave of debauchery. I drank way too much and ate way too poorly during the second half of August. (Not to mention injuring my foot) Ah, yes; time to clean it all up.

This week, I found myself back in the kitchen, where it all began.

AUG 24: I went through a bunch of race fliers I had stuck on the fridge and got rid of all the race brochures I wasn't entering. The recycling pile is huge now!

AUG 25: While I was at the fridge, I went through the time off and continuing ed slips that I keep clipped on the side. Got rid of all the outdated slips and put those in recycling, too.

AUG 26: Finally, I went through all the coupons in the little coupon bin that magnets to the fridge. Threw away all the expired coupons.

AUG 27: Went through the cabinet with all the food storage containers. I had saved a bunch from microwave meals to put soup in. But really? I'm not sure if reheating food in these containers is safe. So I put all those in the recycling bin.

AUG 28: Before I hit the road, I went through the food drawer and got rid of some chex mix and cereal that had gone stale, put some other stuff in zip locks so IT won't go stale, and consolidated everything else, pulling cardboard boxes out for recycling.

AUG 29: I gave Isabella the box of books and CD's I had set aside for her.

AUG 30: Back from the weekend, I turned to the scary under-the-sink-area. I pulled out a bunch of the grungier cleaning rags. Half I repurposed as car wash rags, and the other half I donated to K's high school's shop class.

And on to cleaning up myself this week!

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Diane said...

I raged against the clutter a couple of weekends ago and took 4 big bags of stuff to Goodwill, threw out a bunch, reorganized stuff, etc... it was GREAT! I've felt a million times better ever since and I'm trying to keep up with it daily/weekly now, instead of letting it take over (you know, like normal).