Friday, September 18, 2009


September is skipping on by, and I seem to be surrounding myself with the following addictions:

My MBTs! What started out as a drunken purchase, turned into one of my favorite little sneaky workouts! Fleecie socks! It's still nice during the day, but at night, the cool air is creeping in and making my toe-sies rather coldsy! With these babies, my toe-sie are toasty!

With several duffel bags for gym stuff, swim stuff, beach stuff, and extra clothes in the front hallway, with several pairs of sneakers in the shoe basket, and with a less than water-tight Jeep on a very rainy summer, Febreze has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity!
PB & J!! I bought some organic peanut butter, some all natural jam, and some all grain bread. I made a bunch of these, wrapped em up and threw em in the freezer. Now I just take one out at night, put in on the counter, and by morning, breakfast is ready. I'm sure there are healthier breakfasts out there, but none easier than make me as happy!

Colin Hay! Saw him a couple weeks ago and I've had the CD on perma-play in Jeepie-Jeep ever since!


Diane said...

I LOVE Colin Hay! Hay is my mom's maiden name and our family is from Scotland, so I'm betting if I looked hard enough, I'd find some sort of connection :)

Anonymous said...

"Sneaky workouts?" "Fleecie Socks?" "Toe-sies rather coldsy?" "Jeepie-Jeep?"

Been reading a little Dr. Seuss lately, have we? ;)