Monday, September 7, 2009

the decluttering continues

Labor day weekend is coming to a close. Once again, I'm gearing up for another week of work feeling spent, a little sore, and completely satisfied.

One of the reasons is that I finally cleaned off the piles of books on the sofa. It looked like a book and paper bomb had exploded in here! So now everything is neatly filed away and put back on the shelf. Plus, I moved into the office area in full decluttering mode!

Sept 2: Went through all the scraps of paper that were littering the desk top and put all the un-needed paper in the recycling bin.

Sept 3: Went through the desk drawer and got rid of two dayplanners that I never use. Put those in the book donation bag.

Sept 4: Went through all the stuff under the desk: put the papers for classes into folders and filed, put all the cards back into a card box, organized the printer paper, and put all the miscellaneous paper that I don't need into the recycling bin.

Sept 5: Over to the top of the filing cabinet: put all the check stubs and paid bills into the files, and got rid of more papers I don't need (more recycling)

Sept 6: Onto the book shelf: Put a book I'm done with into the book donation bag.

Sept 7: An old name tag from an old job was hanging on the bookshelf. Threw that away!

Back tomorrow: Tuesday's bad dates. And continuing next week: decluttering in the living room!

Happy back to work, y'all!

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The Singlutionary said...

I need to decultter but its at that final most painful step where every pieice of paper represents an unfinished PROJECT. Sigh. At least it is confined to my desk. I admire you!