Monday, September 28, 2009

keep on decluttering

ok, so I've calmed down a bit since yesterday. I had a ridiculously productive day at work (though still left a giant pile of paperwork on the desk unfinished) and completed two assignments from my online class. I think that maybe in my decluttering, I need to declutter my commitments? Anyhow...

Last week I didn't post, because I was at a U2 concert!! But I DID get the decluttering done in the front hallway.

Sept 15: broke down a few boxes and put em in the recycling bin

Sept 16: went through a milk crate of my grandfather's stuff-- put some writing aside for a later project, put some towels in the laundry, repurposed some decorative boxes, and put some stuff into a pile to bring to work

Sept 17: put a sweatshirt into the donation bag

Sept 18: finished a book and put it into a book donation bag

Sept 19: a few more magazines to donate to the gym

Sept 20: pulled a book from the front bookcase and put that in the book donation bag

Sept 21: cleaned off the bulletin board and put outdated stuff in the recycling pile

Then, I moved onto the bedroom. The bedroom is actually looking quite good, its more in a maintenance phase, as well.

Sept 22: Went through the drawer in the bedside table. I threw out some papers that I didn't need any more.

Sept 23: went through the "missing socks" bag...threw out any sock that had been in there for way too long.

Sept 24: I had a decorative candle on the bedside table... aside from almost being gone, it was melted not from burning, but from the one week of hot weather we had in summer. Threw that away

Sept 25 - Sept 28: Ok, sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and get it over with. Opened each drawer in turn and pulled one or two items of clothing to put in the donation bag.

Moving along, moving along, moving along.


The Singlutionary said...

I have been decluttering my commitments for the past two years. Now, before I commit to anything, I imagine doing it (and everything else I've already committed to that day) and check in to see how I feel. If I feel stressed, I decline.

When I go to my hometown, it is alwasy really hard for me but I turn down a lot of invitations to people I really want to see. I wouldn't have done that before. I would have tried to fit everyone in and I would have been a flakey mess.

Live More Now said...

Very good! Isn't it funny how these little things bring more freedom? I love occasionally "clearing out" "donating" and just throwing things away!

I still have much larger dreams of becoming more of a minimalist ... baby steps!