Monday, September 14, 2009

decluttering and maintaining

One of the things I am discovering in the decluttering process is that some parts of the house merely require maintenance, while others require full fledged shit-slinging!

The living room area is in the maintenance phase.

Sept 8: Under the coffee table, I have a basket with exercise DVDs and equipment. I had the packaging to my "jungle gym" which I had been saving in case I wanted to return it. Except: I LOVE IT!! So today, I threw out the packaging.

Sept 9: In the magazine basket, I gathered all the catalogs. I ordered the stuff I was saving the catalogs for (X mas is only 3 months away, eh?) and then threw those out, too.

Sept 10: Today, I pulled out some magazines to bring to the gym.

Sept 11: I had a couple shoe boxes that I had set aside for...some reason. Seeing that I can't remember the reason I was saving them for, I felt pretty ok putting them in the recycling.

Sept 12: Brought the bag of clothes to the donation center today.

Sept 13: Went through all the piles on the coffee table: paid the bills, filed the filing, returned everything that needed returning, and threw out anything I didn't need.

Sept 14: Cleaned under the sofa and threw out a bunch of old cards I had in a box under there.

Just keeping it all under c0ntrol! Next week onto the front hallway.

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the gazelle said...

I wish you would come & declutter my place. I feel so inspired when I read your posts & then drink wine instead! I need a big decluttering!