Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Goals

Oh, summer -- where did you go? It's the first of September and I'm feeling a bit sad. Generally, September is still pretty summery, but last night, there was a definite change in the weather. The humidity vanished and was replaced by a crispness that, while pleasant, is still a bit premature for my liking. It really feels like fall.

Like the kids, all nervous and waiting for the buses this morning, I am looking forward to my goals for the year. September, to me, seems more like the beginning of the year than January.

But first, the August review:

1) Get my hair cut: success! I feel like I've given myself the gift of time because of the exponential decrease in tangles in the the ol' mop!

2)Lose 3 more pounds: half credit. The last two weeks of August decayed into a window of debauchery. But I still managed to end up 1 pound lighter than last month.

3) Finish the two book stacks on the sofa: Close enough for rock and roll, baby. I finished The Kite Runner, I Was Told There'd Be Cake, The Single Life, Food Matters, and Think and Grow Rich (a present from the motivational speaker friend). I still got two more unfinished books on that stack, but I think it's time to just clean off the sofa!

4) Take an online class: I put it off on July, I'm doing it now. It'll be completed first week in October.

5) Continue Decluttering: yeah, yeah, yeah. I keep trudging along.

6)Step Up the Mileage for Marathon in October: Half credit. After my foot injury in August, I had to stop running for a week and a half, and then I just got lazy for another week! So...I'm bumping up the mileage now. I'm going to do a half marathon in Oct, and vying for the San Antonio Marathon in November.

7) Go Boating with J, K, Nerd, and his sister: The boat didn't materialize, but I still got to hang. It was so fun! I miss those guys already.

8) Submit Proposal for New Clinic Procedures in Work: Half credit. I'm submitting next week.

9) PR for spring Tri: FAIL! I was 2 minutes slower than last year. BOO!

10) Go Hiking: FAIL! It's ok, though. It was beach weather, not hiking weather. The hiking weather rolled in last night.

And now...on to September:

1) Eat Clean. Drastic times need drastic measures. If I really want to lose weight, I gotta stop fooling around. Plus, last Sunday morning, I felt like a washed up rock star. Time to dry out!

2) Start P90X Workouts: This is gonna take a little tweaking, as the running mileage is increasing. But I bought a used P90x from somebody at work for $15.00 (husband got it and never used it) I figure, it's as good a time as ever to do it.

3) Lose 3 pounds: For real this time!

4) One Client for New Per Diem Job: Long story. I got two jobs now.

5) Hike Mt. Washington with J: I tried it solo last fall and didn't summit. Let's tackle this biatch!

6) See U2 in concert!!!!!!

7) Submit one article for publishing in Cape Cod Health Newsletter

8) Read three Travel Books from Bookshelf

9) Plan Weekend Reunion with Folks from College

10) Finish up the Tri Season on an up-note!


Carolina John said...

sounds like you've got a fun and ambitious month ahead, heather! Enjoy it babe.

Diane said...

Our weather turned, too... I was actually COLD this morning when I got up (with the window open, fan going full blast :). It was GREAT!

I hate those washed-up rock star days, too. I had one on Sunday. No more booze for a while for me either.