Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts on a TUESDAY

1) I think I want a job on the road crew that is fixing the Sagamore Bridge. As far as I can tell, the only job requirments would be to sit on your duff and drink coffee while the traffic backs up for miles

2) Who the frick is Kanye West, does anyone over the age of 10 listen to Taylor Swift, and exactly WHY should I give a crap about either of them?

3) As much as I am mourning the departure of summer, fall is really nice. Especially in New England.

4) I want to go hiking.

5) With the general buzz in work today about the return of The Biggest Loser I decided to tune in and give it another try. But it really has gone from a good idea to just about the most ridiculous show in the history of mankind. Calling Jillian Michaels "a good trainer" is like calling Dr Phil "a good psychiatrist."

1 comment:

Carolina John said...

i've been craving a hike lately too. maybe camping even. i feel some back to nature time is in order.

and lmao @your #5. hahahahaha