Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 current addictions

In September, I got tagged by Mrs. D for a thing called "5 current addictions" started by Being Brazen. At first, I was kind of against the whole "addiction" thing. When you're trying to find balance in your life, the word addiction brings up negative connotations. However, after perusing Brazen's blog, I changed my mind. It's not about being under control by something else, just about what's going on in your life at the moment.

So on that note: October's Addictions:

Diet Coke (still)

Candy Corn It's October and the bag of candy corn are everywhere. I gotta get that sugary, waxy goodness while I can!

Colored Leaves The foliage is in full swing and I am drinking it all in, breathing in the crisp, sweet smelling air, and planning a bike ride for this weekend.

Incense Last October, I went to Salem with a friend of mine and we went into a cool crazy store where you could buy potions and spells and such. We bought incense sticks. (It's supposed to bring luck to your love life or something) Anyway, the incense sticks have been sitting in a drawer ever since. But while cleaning and purging this month, I discovered the underutilized air fresheners and have been incensing it up ever since. My place smells fantastic. I'll let you know about the luck in love...

and finally, Purging One of my goals for this month was to get rid of one thing every day. It has been quite the soothing ritual. Once you start, it's hard to stop. I can officially say I'm addicted to purging this month.

And just to prove it: I threw away a stack of catalogs I had in the magazine basket. I don't need them. I'm not going to order anything. So they had to go. And it feels good to let them go.


Diane said...

You've inspired me to do 'the purge' and I'm going to try the 30 day thing in November :)

PS... I just ended my addiction to Diet Coke... cold turkey. Made for a very unpleasant week or so, but 7 weeks later, I feel better :)

Chris said...

I love purging. I feel peaceful in a sparse environment.

Your "addictions" don't sound too bad to me...

Anonymous said...

Oh I SO need to purge. My house is swallowing me whole.