Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing Hooky

Today, I was feeling pretty foul, so I did not make it into work. I'm still not 100%, but wildly better than this morning. Ya just need a sick day every now and then.

I did get a chance to putter around the apartment for a bit, and I was able to actually repurpose a few of the things I had been hanging onto. It's funny, the less you have, the more useful those things become. So a few of the plastic pouches I had kept seemed perfect for packing away the summer weight sheets, curtains, blankets etc.

I'm also able to see the "projects" more clearly that have been sitting around gathering dust. I'm thinking that next month tackling the projects will be inline. One goal flows naturally into the next, I suppose.

My goal for tonite is to get to bed early so I can get to work tomorrow!


Diane said...

Feel better!

spleen said...

awesome, enjoy your day off to get R&R! I love reading about your purging. I've been starting to get rid of stuff too, inspired by your progress. :)