Monday, October 6, 2008

I love October

Needing to do double time, as I will be away for 4 days this weekend. Soooo.... I bought 3 magazines from the magazine basket into work to give away, and then threw away 3 catalogs I didn't need. I filled the canvas bag up with some things to recycle and put a pair of shoe in the bag to donate. WHEW!

I love October. I love the post season games, especially when the Red Sox are in the playoffs. The only thing I don't love is how late they schedule the games. Seriously...yesterday was Sunday. Couldn't they have started playing at 3:00pm? I went to bed at midnight and still didn't see the end of the game. I love the sunny, crisp days and I usually love the cold crisp nights, but I'm not exactly loving how cold it got so quick this year! I love pumpkins and hot chocolate and squash. I love Halloween parties and Halloween candy. I love hiking and biking on the weekends. I love, love, love October!

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Mrs.D said...

me, too! it's the best month.