Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, September has come and gone, and it was a complete washout figuratively and literally. It rained and rained and rained. I had two triathlons cancelled because of remnants of two hurricanes blowing thru and my plan to exercise every day outside was sideswiped because I was tired of getting soaked. With so many pets disappearing or dying in September, I had to console myself with as much ice cream as I could possibly force down my throat, so my eating plan went right out the window (and into the pouring rain).
I DID start on a few crafts, but nowhere near completing four from the craft box. No museum. No rock climbing. No guitar. No hiking. No camping.
I could not find the book "Downshifting" no matter where I looked, so that was a bust, as well. Though I did revisit Anna Karenina, not touched since high school, thanks to a previous post about an old high school teacher. (more on that later)
The only thing that worked out in my favor is that I DIDN'T have the chance to fill out the forms to completely maximizie my 401k contributions and move everything into one neat, little package. I feel a little smarter for keeping everything a little more liquid where I can access it if I ever decide to grow up, move out of the garage-majal and buy my own place. Savings don't have those little parenthesis I keep seeing in my retirement statements.
SO I shake off the water, wet dog style and jump right into October with both feet:
1) For 30 days I will get rid of ONE thing in my house. I've been looking around and noticing how much stuff I have accummulated. And since I live in a small studio apartment, I can see it all at once. So every day, I will throw away, give away, recycle, return, re-gift, donate, or burn one item in my house so come November, I don't have to look at as much junk. (Just kidding about the burning)
2) Along the same lines...a few years ago, when I was feeling a little lost and unsure of where to go, a friend have me a big box of self help type CDs and tapes. They have been sitting neatly in that box ever since. And I feel a bit bad about just donating them without at least having a listen. So I will give those a listen, too, in October. Maybe I'll like em so much, I'll hold on to them.
3) I will read "Three Cups of Tea" a suggestion from a book club of sorts. Remember the snobby high school I went to? Well they send out these newsletters and they are starting a little book club. In October, all the students in school are reading it, and they are asking any alumni who wishes to read it as well. They are gonna have a blog/ discussion group, as well as an in person book club meeting, for anyone who doesn't have to physically be in work, I guess. I figured I'd give it a try. (all this old high school crap is a bit serendipitous, is it not?)
4)I am going to go to Montreal! For a weekend of drinking and debauchery.
5) I am going to sunglasses. I need them.
6) I am going to host a Halloween party.
7) I am going to go on at least one organized training run and ride.
8) and last but not least I am going to lose 3 pounds this month. I really need to.

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Diane said...

I love your October plan! I'm going to try to give away crap, too. What a good idea. And Montreal sounds wonderful!