Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Slowly but surely making my way through the excess stuff. I put another pair of shoes in the donation bag, and recycled the paper and more cardboard.

I seem to be in a miscommunication zone lately. I sent in a form for a certification exam this week, and I got a call from the association today saying that I had printed out and mailed the wrong form! Then I got a call from American Express about my card that had been returned to them. I don't have an American Express card. What's that all about? And once again , the lovely California DMV sent me another non-sensical letter outlining why I should still be paying the state of California for a vehicle that is registered in Massachusetts. (I think its time to play the relative card to my brother, the lawyer, on this one)

It just seems odd that all this communication happens in batches. Like there's a cloud of miscommunication energy floating around the world and this week, its hovering over me. Hopefully, it'll blow away by next week!


Anonymous said...

Your identity hasn't been stolen, has it? That's weird stuff, esp about the AmEx.

the gazelle said...

California DMV really wanted me to continue giving them money for about 1 1/2 years after I moved to Oregon. They sent all these weird faux-threatening letters that I just tossed.