Thursday, October 2, 2008

item two (and then some)

Today, I threw away the mail order bag that my active dress came in. I had misguidedly saved this bag thinking I could re-use it to mail something out in. However, there was so much writing all over the bag and it was too difficult to write on. How did somebody make a sharpie-proof material? Then, I thought I'd use it just as a trash bag. But it was such a strange shape. It wouldn't really fit in a trash basket. It wasn't practical for the car. It just wasn't going to work. So what did I do? Kept it just in case. A mail order bag! What the heck is wrong with me? Eighty six that sucker!

I actually started this whole get rid of stuff thing on September 29th. It was a Monday. It seemed to make more sense. I gave away three magazines on Monday; brought them into work for the waiting room reading material. On Tuesday, I recycled a bag full of cardboard boxes. Again, I had to bring them into work to recycle.

Its a weird thing. My buddies from whom I rent are strangely anti-recycling. It seems a bizarre thing to be opposed to. Something about how all things in landfills are picked through anyway and everything is recycled. But if we seperate things at home and put them in bins, it takes away jobs from trash pickers? And somehow somebody is making money off of it?

I dunno. I have learned some things in my years, though. One of which is, if somebody feels very strongly about something, no matter how odd or even backward it may sound to you, there is no way you will change their mind. I've been floored the past few weeks at the ferocity of some of the comments on political blogs. Angry, ranting, crazy talk (from both sides) somehow expected to change other's minds by calling them idiots. Of course, my friends wouldn't get THAT riled up about the recycling. But there is no way I'd convince them that recycling is a GOOD thing, nontheless.

So I've been hauling my crap into the bins at work. I don't want to be too obvious, though, filling the work bins with my house trash. I've been taking it in a little at a time. The canvas bag sits in my jeep and a couple cardboard products come in with me each day.

Am I anal or what?


Anonymous said...

yeah, the politics can get out of hand quickly. I started a post about the VP debate tonight, but I worried it would take a darker tone as it went on, so I took it down. Is this election over yet??!!!?

the gazelle said...

I would do the same thing in regards to the recycling - so I don't think you're anal.