Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chilly October Morning

With the place rearranged and the clutter slowly paring down, it's really starting to look neat and homey around here. Plus, I can better determine where to put my Halloween decorations. I don't have alot, but I always enjoy decorating for Halloween, just like Christmas. Today, I attacked the top drawer of the dresser. I repurposed some elastically-challanged undies into one-time-use-rags for those extra tough jobs, and I gave away two pair of perfectly respectable socks.

Today, I got up at the unnaturally-early-for-a-Sunday hour of 5:45 to drive to a group bike ride on the Cape. It was also unnaturally windy with a chill creeping in. That translated into a very small group for the bike ride. So small, it wasn't even really a group so much as a pair of riders. The other rider was none other than Potential P! I haven't spoken to him in a while, so it was a pleasant surprise to run into him this morning for a brisk morning bike ride.

We rode along a very nice Rails to Trails bike path that runs almost the entire legnth of Cape Cod. It winds in and out of towns, along salt water marshes and ponds, and through long stretches of piney woods. It is sensational!

During one of these stretches, I looked down the path and it was almost surreal. The clouds were low and pewter colored, the wind was gusting and bending the tree branches, the leaves were swirling in little eddys across the bike path. It was like a scene from "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

P and I raced along the path, panting our breath, and yelling over the sound of the wind as we caught up on news. My hands were freezing, my legs were sweating. We rode as if something wicked was, indeed, chasing us.

In the end, I was sort of glad that the group didn't show. I know we wouldn't have ridden as fast. I'm also pretty sure I would not have been as aware of my surroundings. I may have missed the picturesque beauty of a chilly October morning that foretold the coming of winter.


Anonymous said...

that sounds like a wonderful ride. I wish I could ride my bike somewhere like that. sigh. just cornfields here. so what's the story on potential p? I guess I missed that.

Diane said...

I love moments like that! I'm envious that you're on Cape Cod... I would give my right arm :)