Saturday, October 18, 2008

7 strange things

Today, I was supposed to go hiking with a friend of mine in New Hampshire, but after last weekend's toe debacle, my foot was throbbing and I cancelled. Instead, I spent today getting the apartment into "winter configuration". It's a one room studio/ loft type deal. I need to arrange the furniture for maximum breeze catching in the summer and maximum warmth in the winter. The temperature has officially dropped enough here to warrant winter configuration. Whilst doing all of this, I managed to throw away a whole bunch of paper type stuff and to give away two shirts.

I also got tagged today by Diane. I'm supposed to share 7 strange or weird facts about myself. Seven seems like a very lucky number for weirdness.

1) When I was little, I thought that statues were people covered in cement. I thought that after you died, you got dipped and then put on display somewhere. After my grandfather died (I was around 3 or so) I used to look out the window of the station wagon, yelling "There's Grandpa! There's Grandpa!" at any statue we drove by. I don't remember what my parents' reactions were.

2) I have the dubious honor of coming in second place in both a "Best Legs" and also a "Worst Legs" contest.

3) I have seen Van Halen in concert 16 times.

4) I have lived in 8 states in the past 10 years.

5) I name all my cars. So far, I have driven "Little Blue", "Axle", and "Cherry Bomb". I also name rental cars. Most memorable are "Clyde the Ride" who we killed by driving over a curb in Scotland (they drive on the wrong side of the road there). He was replaced by "Harriet the Chariot" for a large towing fee.

6) I am strangely attracted to nerdy guys. I have dated a physicist, a computer programmer, an endocrinologist, and a biochemist. When they'd talk about their jobs, my eyes would glaze over like a donut.

7) My driver's license says I am 5 feet tall. But I am really 4'11".

I'm not sure who to tag....So consider this an open tag to anyone who wants to participate!


Diane said...

GREAT weirdness! ;) The statue one cracked me up. I visit my dad's grave a lot and I sometimes take my little girl (with whom I was pregnant when my dad died). When she was about 3, we were standing in front of his headstone and she said, "Mama, is this Grandpa's apartment?" I burst out laughing and said, "Well, yes... sort of..." ;)

Reb said...

That is a great sampling of weird! #1 is just cute! I have never named a car. I've thought about it, but have just never come up with the right name. I can see why you would lie about your height - shorty! ;)