Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back from Nashville

I'm home, safe and sound from my excursion to Nashville for BlissDom. Unfortunately, since I was fighting a cold the entire time, taking a trip out to see live music never quite happened. I totally need to go back to Nashville when I have more time and health at my disposal.

So, as a followup to yesterday's post, I'm Jeepgirl17 on twitter (though I have yet to tweet anyone yet)

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Sandy Jenney said...

Lovely experience we had together wasn't it? I will hopefully have my videos up soon....although I am so untechie that I am having trouble figuring out how to get them loaded. I just got the flip video camera and haven't figured it all out yet!!) Thanks for the nice words you had for me.
You need to is fun, I thought the same thing as you for a long time...

Designher Momma said...

glad we all made it out alive and lived to write about it!

Steve said...

Dear Hebba,

I believe we may have already spoken by phone but felt it equally important to respond to your blog regarding your experience at the Hotel Preston this weekend (I plan to post this same note to the other hotel guests’ blogs that were involved in the incident as well). We are passionate about our guests and know you have many choices when traveling to Nashville thus please accept my personal apology specific to the elevator incident.

I understand from your blog post that you were unable to get an immediate response from the hotel team. We had our Manager on duty at the time working hand in hand with the elevator engineer to insure he moved swiftly in getting all passengers out of the lift. Unfortunately this caused our Manager not to be present when the guests exited to personally insure their well being. I can share with you with confidence we have never had an elevator delay occur when the maximum number of people did not exceed 7 people per elevator and it is unfortunate the capacity posting in the elevator was not read by our patrons.

As a result of this incident and to insure we do not have guests faced with this situation in the future we are scheduling follow up training with our internal management and staff in coordination with the elevator company to improve upon our timeliness in the rare case this ever occurs again.

I also agree with the suggestion to install additional signage outside of the elevators on the lobby and lower lobby level to complement the maximum capacity of 7 patrons that is already posted inside the cabs. We have begun working with our sign company to implement signs in these locations.

My belief is that this situation would not have occurred had it been clearer to our hotel guests.
As a gesture of goodwill on the hotel’s behalf I have taken the liberty of adjusting $50 + tax off of each of the 13 guests’ hotel bill who was impacted by the elevator delay.

In addition, I will personally provide to each of the 13 guests a special rate on a future stay with us and include complimentary breakfast to demonstrate our usual exemplary service from our team and insure a flawless future visit.

I appreciate your patronage at the Preston during the Blissdom ’09 conference and look forward to seeing you in the future.
Please feel free to contact me directly to further discuss your experience – my direct line is 615-367-0339 or via e-mail – and I remain at your service.

Steven Hoida
General Manager
Hotel Preston