Monday, February 9, 2009

the purge continues


Things are going well as I continue in the quest to pare down by getting rid on one thing every day in 2009. This week, I returned to the front entryway. The front entry way has become the giant junk drawer in my apartment. You know how anything you're not sure of ends up in the junk drawer? Anything I know I'm going to recycle or get rid of ends up in the front entryway. Which is fine. Except that I have to walk by the pile every day. So I gotta attend to it on a regular basis or else I'll trip and kill myself on the way out.

Also: I'm in a February mood, so I changed from simplicity blue to February soft pink for a while. Hope you like it.

February 3: Recycled all the cardboard from the front entry way

February 4: Did the same with the aluminium.

February 5: Recycled the plastic. Now I can walk in and out without putting my life in danger.

Next, things get a bit tricky. I went away for the weekend. Making getting rid of stuff a little harder. But I think I pulled it off without cheating.

February 6: I took a couple magazines with me on the plane. Finished em. And left them on a chair at the airport in Nashville for somebody else to take.

February 7: I cleaned off my desk top on the laptop so it's not such a mess. I went through "my pictures" and deleted or filed everything so that's not such a mess anymore, either.

February 8: Cleaned out the mailbox on my phone from texts I no longer need. Plus, I returned two library books and threw out the trash from the car when I got back from my trip.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I accumulated a lot of SWAG at the Blissdom conference. I also accumulated some knowledge and a few good ideas about how to pass it all on in a fun way! More on that later.

Happy purging everyone!


Peace, L♥ve, Applesauce said...

I'm sorry.. I was a bit confused by your comment..??

Diane said...

Cool beans!! Everytime I read about your progress, I'm reminded that I'm NOT purging!!! Grrrr.

Heather said...

Good job - you managed to purge, even away from home. You over achiever, you. :)

Carolina John said...

keep going with the purge. you know, there is a zen philosophy about possessions. it's a balance really. your possessions own you just as much as you own them. it's very true; if you have a house with a mortgage, you are a slave to the monthly payments. But as you continue to purge you should begin to feel more freedom. That's what I noticed when i got into "get rid of it" mode.

Then i picked up a new dvd player, and had just gotten rid of a big bag of a/v cables. and suddenly needed one. yet i still was happy that i had gotten rid of the whole bag. so keep purging, you're doing great!