Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogs I Have Loved

After getting back from Blissdom, I had tons of blogger's cards and even more ambition to visit tons of new blogs. Unfortunately, between my killer cold that had me unconscious for most of Tuesday and all the work I had to make up on Wednesday and Thursday, I haven't gotten around to much blog searching.

So today, I wanted to share with y'all some of the folks I met last weekend and their musings.

SHANNON over at MyHeart4Him: I had dinner with her on Saturday. She's not only funny and sweet, but she's really creative as well. Folks like her make me wish I was more crafty. She was wearing the coolest shirt with a little flower on the shoulder. It looked super comfy (which is always important in my book) and a bit hippy-chic (also important). She has some cute purses on her site if ya wanna look.

AMY over at Outdoordogs: Amy and I may have been the only two clueless twits at this conference without business cards of our blog info. (I guess I could have gone onto the Blissfully Domestic website and read up on what to expect. But I prefer to be clueless.) So Amy and I had a bonding experience over our cardlessness. Her blog is very funny and also had lots of appearances by out of control pets. I always love a crazy dog story.

HEATHER over at RunningFromtheLittlePeople: I tried to engage her in a conversation about running or maybe triathlon training. She gently explained to me that she was running from her kids. Oh. Ok. I guess when you attend a conference geared toward blogging moms, you need to think outside your own limited box. Anyway, her blog makes me smile. It's sweet and funny and introspective and self depreciating. Really, a slice-of-life blog's honest. She also has a blog of going green tips at FromGreytoGreen. I'm always looking for green tips. And people, like myself, who prefer the British spelling of grey.

DANILLE over at Extraordinary Mommy: We hung out during the MamaMia pajama party. Nobody can rock a pair of bunny slippers like this girl. She seemed like a real party girl. If only I wasn't so stuffy and sniffily last weekend I'm sure we could have had some rocking times. Check out her blog for observations on life, product reviews, and giveaways.

Happy visiting!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments. You are too sweet. My personal goal is to make all my summer clothes. We will see how that turns out...

tara @ kidz said...

Very cool. I'm off to check out your recommended blogs!

Heather said...

Can I just tell you that our conversation was among my favorite of the whole weekend? I felt so bad admitting that I was, in fact, not a real runner. I'd love to be, though so maybe I'll learn from you :)

Heather said...

Good list! They all seem very interesting! I'll have to spend some time on each.