Sunday, February 15, 2009

Response to A Valentine's Day Thought

Once a week, I send a bulk email to my family and friends called "Thought For the Week". Yesterday, I sent out "A Valentine's Day Thought". The response was not what I expected.

Here is my reply:

Based upon the sheer number of concerned emails and phone calls I received in the past 24 hours, it has become abundantly clear that nobody finds the Valentine's Day Thought nearly as funny as Jen and I did. We were rolling on the floor. We even brainstormed a Scrubs storyline with Manuel Uribe and the new "chubby chasing" med student. However, we already knew that nobody gets as big a kick out of us as-- well-- us.

Thanks for your concern, everyone. I'm fine. I'm not really jealous of Manuel and I certainly don't begrudge him any happiness. (I do wonder how you meet a future spouse when you are bed bound.)

Instead, I'll leave everyone with another topic that we not only found funny, but made us scratch our heads. Apparently the latest products that are all the rage in Beverly Hills are: baby wigs! (You know, in case you want your baby's hair-do to match your own.)

WHY does a BABY need a WIG? It's a baby! They're supposed to be bald!!

Have a good week everyone

I guess a career in stand up is out of the question.


Diane said...

I think you're funny :). For the record, the whole fat guy gets married thing blew me away, too. I haven't read the baby wig thing, but MY GOD. What is wrong with people?!

Anonymous said...

I think the fat guy getting married (Hello, he pees in a jar!) is histerical. How could you NOT find it funny.

Don't you wonder how "it" would work? Can he fulfill his marital obligations?

Come on. There are unanswered questions here.


Heather said...

Baby wigs?! Good grief.
And by the way, I think you're funny. People need to lighten up. :)