Thursday, February 5, 2009


One of MamaKat's writing prompts this week was to write a list of 10 things that are on your mind. Since I am compulsive list maker, this prompt was right up my alley!


10) I think I am coming down with a cold I started getting snuffily yesterday. But I thought I had nabbed it with a cup of hot-and-sour soup, a yoga class that ended with a "healing meditation", and a mug of peppermint tea. But no, today I woke up even more snuffily and it got progressively worse all day. So now, I'm hoping to kill it with ZiCam, Tang, and more peppermint tea. It is imperative that I feel better by tomorrow.

9) Because tomorrow I will be on a plane A plane to Nashville to the Blissdom conference to see Jen Lancaster. Who is awesome. Even though she may be my polar opposite in every sense. She is funny. And I am going to see her speak at...a blogging conference? I never knew such a thing existed. But I am getting way off track. The point is, I am going to the airport

8) And the Logan Express leaves at 6:05 am Which means I will get absolutely no sleep tonite, since I haven't even packed and I am blogging instead of packing right now. I hope I can sleep on the plane. Because I have really skimped on my sleep lately. Which may be why I am coming down with a cold in the first place.

7) I have a million other things I want to get accomplished on the plane, too. I feel like I may be over committing myself just a bit. I need to re-evaluate things.

6) For instance, I have committed to several work projects. I may not have time to do them. I don't actually get time DURING work to do them, they must be completed on my own time. Like re-doing a certain eval form. or writing up a case study for submission to a national conference. (Not a blogging conference, either) I feel like I was striving for mediocrity in my career and I'm getting sucked into the excellence realm. Damn overachieving!

5) And I didn't work out today. Which was really the right choice, since I am coming down with said cold. But that throws off my training schedule. Which may be further thrown off by the upcoming trip. I don't even know if the hotel has a workout room. I may have to run up and down the stairs for an hour. Which should make me super-popular with everyone.

4) And I somehow think I'm going to finish - like - 6 books on the plane ride there and back I'm still waiting for SOMETHING to happen in Twilight. Call me cynical. But I can't understand why a hundreds-year-old vampire would be spending his time in high school. That's why I have to finish this book on the plane. I'm still not getting it. And I really want to get it!

3) I'm really sick of winter I'm remembering with startling clarity why I left New England in the first place. But I go away for the weekend to Nashville? It was like 19 degrees in Nashville today. Granted, that's 5 degrees warmer than here, but it ain't the Caribbean, either.

2) I'm also a still squirming from my post-martini behavior last weekend I remember saying "Oh, my God! Did I actually say that? I can't believe that came out of my mouth! Just erase that from your mind. Pretend that didn't just happen." at least 5 times. The problem is, I can't for the life of me remember what preceded that outburst. Any of the 5 times. I do remember Nerd looking at his friend and saying "Are there any single girls where you work?" after such an outburst. I laughed at the time. But since this was kind of the "meet the friends" night, I have a suspicion that I (and my martinis) blew it.


1) Is the following email:

"Hey! You really biotinylate my enzymes."

a good thing or a bad thing?

I googled biotinylate but that was absolutely no help whatsoever. Except that now I may start referring to myself as "Vitamin H".
Just saying.


Carolina John said...

Hey Vitamin H. I'm sure there are still plenty of guy friends of people you work with that would love to double your entendre. martini's can usually enhance that. Keep up the good work and have fun at the conference.

Heather said...

First of all, I have NO clue what that e-mail meant, so I'm of no help. But talking about enzymes?? Is that supposed to be romantic? I'm not sure...
Have fun at the conference!!! And I hope you feel better. :)

hebba said...

yeah...remember who the source of that email was. I don't call him Nerd for nothing!