Sunday, February 22, 2009

the purge continues

This week, I continued to move through the bedroom area of the loft. After the hope chest, I moved over to the bedside tables:

Feb 16: I came across a book in the bedside table drawer. I keep inspirational, spiritual, new-agey books in there for before bed winding down. I had a small volume that a friend of mine gave to me many years ago. It was called "Timeshifting". I tried to read this many times and could never get through it. For some reason, I hung onto it, feeling like I HAD to finish this book. No more! This book just did not speak to me so into the donation bag it went.

Feb 17: In the bottom part of the bedside table, I have a cool little memory box. This was next on the list to go through. It was a nice little trip down memory lane with many many things I shall never part with. Also in this box was a picture that a couple friends and I got in Las Vegas. It was a "Charlie's Angel's" type photo where they took your faces and superimposed them on somebody else's body. Funny. Except that the faces were WAY too big for the heads. Scary. And we were all pretty brunette on really blonde heads. Scary eyebrows! Yeah, it was a funny picture. For a while. But why am I saving this photo? It's crazy scary. Throw it away! Done.

Feb 18: I finished one of the financial books I was reading. And gave it away to a friend of mine.

Feb 19: And then I finished another book. And gave that away to another friend.

Feb 20: Since I was on a roll for giving away things, I kept right up at it a popped the Car Seat ID into the mail for Lacey.

Feb 21: Going to the gym: brought 4 magazine to the gym to reuse.

Feb 22: Laundry day! Another towel to the donation pile.

I can't put it off any longer: next week I jump full force into that storage area I have been avoiding since the start of the year. I'm afraid I may never emerge!


Diane said...

I have a storage area like that. It terrifies me. Really, really terrifies me.

Heather said...

Oh... I have SO many pictures that I don't need. Pictures of people I never even speak to anymore. Terrible pictures that aren't even fun to laugh at... But for some reason, I keep them all in a box - like they'll come in handy for something one day. I need to go home tonight and throw them all out.