Monday, February 16, 2009

looking forward to spring cleaning

Moving along on my goal to get rid on one thing a day for 365 days. Sometimes I feel like quitting the "one thing a day" approach and just pulling everything out on the lawn, like in "Clean Sweep". Of course, there is still snow and ice on the lawn here, so that wouldn't be practical. Moreover, I really need to get to the downstairs closet/storage space. But there is no heat down there. And its too cold to spend too much time there. So I do feel a bit stuck, that way. Once it gets warmer, I'm gonna really attack that area. Until then, I'm moving through the upstairs living space:

Feb 9: Went through the mail that had accummulated in my absence. Put all the envelopes and junk mail into the recycling and brought all the paper recycling into the bin. Now that the front entryway is clear, I'm hoping I can keep it that way.

Feb 10: Laundry day! Another pair of socks into the donation pile.

Feb 11: I repotted a plant and took the old, plastic pot that it came in to the recycle bin. With some plastic water bottles. (I'm trying not to buy the water bottles at all now)

Feb 12: Two magazines from the magazine basket into work.

Feb 13: Another load of laundry, another item to the donation pile: a towel for the local pound.

Feb 14: Today, I started on a hope chest that's at the bottom of the bed. I have summer clothes as well as memories and future presents hanging out in there. I came across a book I had puchased a while back for my neice. It had 3 Judy Blume stories in it. Unfortunately, she HATES Judy Blume. (She loves the Ramona books and Pipi Longstocking, though) So this book went into the book donation bag.

Feb 15: Took a baseball hat from the summer clothes and put it in the clothes donation bag. How many baseball caps does one person need? Well, I got one less now.

Baby steps, baby steps...

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Heather said...

I'm with you on the baseball cap thing. I have an over abundance. But I feel like I need them. You know, for the one day a month that I might wear one.