Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Goals

Well, January was a wild, wintry, cold, busy month. But overall, a great start to what I'm positive is going to be a great year. This is the first February 1st I ever remember feeling like I'm doing well with goals and making progress, rather than feeling exhausted, frustrated, and beating myself up for NOT making progress. I am watching Bruce Springsteen as I write this, feeling hopeful and energized for February.


1) Get Rid of One Thing Every Day: Going well. I'm strategically going through my apartment one section at a time, cleaning, organizing, and sorting. It's been pretty easy thus far. But I know the tough part with some real decision making is coming down the road. I have been avoiding the front storage area. Partly because the heat doesn't get down there and its been a cold January. partly because I'm overwhelmed when I think of it. I'll get there eventually.

2) Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day: This was a bit hard for me at first, as I found drinking a lot of water meant many trips to the bathroom at work, and sometimes I don't have time to pee at work! (seriously) But over the month, I found a way to make it work. First thing in the morning, when I am doing my morning pages, I drink a huge glass of water to get the creative juices flowing. I keep a water bottle in my car. I drink before and after workouts. And I drink at home before bed. Still trying to kick the diet coke, but getting a handle and feeling a bit healthier.

3) Stick to a Triathlon Training Program: Aside from one week when I was sick, this was a huge success this month. I'm feeling good. And though I usually GAIN weight when I train hard (I put on muscle really quickly) I actually lost 2 pounds this month. Which doesn't sound like a lot, given the amount of exercise I've been doing, but I didn't gain weight. Which is huge.

4) Read Three Books from the Bookshelf: I didn't quite finish this one, since I had a week of reading deprivation thrown in there! I finished and gave away "CLUTTER CONTROL" for a few ideas in sticking to goal one, I'm about half way through "THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE" which a friend gave me for Xmas, and I'm 5 chapters into "TWILIGHT" which I'm hoping turns out to be as good as the hype.

5) Went to Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: It was fantastic!

6) Post a Blog Entry Every Day: Done and done. Much easier now that I have daily themes!

7) Consistency with The Artist's Way Program: Looking good. Getting much more out of it this time around. I'm convinced its because I have to blog about it and have committed to others to actually do it. So, thanks, everyone!

8) Stick to an Eating Plan: This is another one that took a bit of work. First, I tried on an eating plan from a fitness magazine. But it only had 1200 calories a day. Which doesn't work if you are working 11 hour days or if you have a 2 1/2 hour workout planned. Plus, with getting home at 9 pm, bigger dinners did not work. So I think I have it down with smaller breakfasts, protein shakes for dinner, BIG lunches, and snacking all day. I'm going to continue to fine tune, but it seems to be working for me.

9) Taking more Pictures: Haven't taken ALOT of pictures, but took a few. So, baby steps, again.

10) Make an Effort to let People I Love Know It More Often: I do feel like I've done a bit more with my family and friends. I've written one letter a week (hand written, not email) to friends who live far a way. I've been to karate tests and dance practices. I've gone out to eat with my parents. And there's a good chance that I'll be spending a couple nites a week at my Granddad's house when he gets out of the hospital. SO I'm going to call that a success, too.

On to February!

I'm not feeling as cranky and cynical as I usually do about Valentine's Day. I certainly am not excited about it (I never am. Even when I was 3 or 4 years into a serious relationship) But I am excited about February.

1) Get My Finances in Order: I tried, unsuccessfully to organize everything last year. But I'm giving it a more focused try now.

2) Read Three Books from the Bookshelf: I have a trip coming up, so I got some reading time on the plane. I need to finish my 2 outstanding books, and I'm going to focus on Financial Books to tie in to goal one.

3) Continue with Getting Rid of Things: I have so far to go on this.

4) Post an Entry Every Day in February: Again for NaBloPoMo. Its funny how February is the shortest month but seems like the longest in this respect.

5)Lose 2 Pounds this Month: Oh jeez. I've posted it. I gotta do it.

6) Go to Bliss-Dom Conference: Yep, I'm gonna see Jen Lancaster speak! Hoping to bring the blog to the next level! Plus, I've never been to Nashville!

7) Tune up and Play My Guitar At Least 1 Time per Week: I know, 1 time a week is nothing when it comes to musical instruments. Baby steps. I think I can actually start playing the thing again without thinking too much of M and crying. I'm past that, I think.

8) Have a Pajama Party: Yep, we're hosting our annual PJ party. Should be Fun.

9) Keep Going with The Artist's Way: Starting on week 6 today.

10) Keep Going with the Triathlon Training: Keep feeling better and stronger every day.

I'm hoping that on March 1, I feel twice as good as I feel today.


tutugirl1345 said...

I'm so jealous you get to go to Blissdom! Nashville is an awesome city. And Jen Lancaster is seriously one of the nicest, most down to earth people. Have a blast!

Diane said...

I'm cynical about V-day, too. Ick.

You did great in January! Here's to Feb!

Heather said...

Good job on January's goals! It sounds like life is going well for you! And working 11 hour shifts with 2.5 hour workouts?? You are officially my hero. Now I know there is NO reason for me to slack off.

hebba said...

Oh, I don't do the 2.5 hour workouts on the days I work 11 hours. I do the long workouts on my days off! LOL!