Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Goals

Oh, March was tough. March was...introspectively tough (is that a word?). I've spoken a lot about how I was lost and last year I set out to find myself. This year has felt like that newly found person (me) just needs to take a long hot shower, sleep in a clean bed, and eat warm food --figuratively speaking.

In March I fell off the goal wagon, but somehow made a lot of progress nonetheless. I read an article in the gym the other day by Monica Selles. About how after the stabbing incident, she gained a lot of weight but was too busy training 6-8 hours per day to lose weight. Then, when she injured her ankle and had to take 6 months off from tennis, she ended up losing the weight by NOT exercising 6-8 hours per day. March was like that for me. My tri training, eating plan, financial goals, projects, sat undone, but I got a lot of inner work done.

Or maybe that's all just a big cop-out and I'm rationalizing a big case of seasonal affective disorder.


1) Stick to an eating plan: fail

2) Get rid of one thing per day: ok, that went well. Its getting to be a habit.

3) Three more books from the bookshelf: Focusing on health and exercise. I read "How to Eat Move and be Healthy", "The Triathlete's Training Bible", and I'm halfway through "Eight Weeks to Optimum Health". Plus I read "Prep", which was great. However, all of these books are books I will refer to in the future, so this won't clear the bookshelf at all.

4) Crank up the Tri Training: fail

5) Complete the Artist's Way Program: success! And maybe the reason behind all the soul searching this month. I'll probably do it again later in the year.

6) COntinue one time a week with the guitar: fail.

7) Complete the two work projects I've been dragging my feet on: DONE!!

8) Finish and File my Taxes: Last minute Lily is still working on this.

9) Complete Wellness Coach Class: done and done.

10) Complete two projects from the "project box": that stupid project box is sitting across the room, belittling me. Fail.


1) Whole new Eating Plan: Ok, courtesy of that wellness class, I have a different way of eating. Part intuitive, part planning, I'm trying it out. Let's see how that works.

2) Still with the decluttering

3)Books this month: I'm moving on to the "relationships books" that are taking up too much space on the bookshelf.

4) Along with Tri Training, I'm going to do 2 days of yoga a week.

5) Post every day for the month (doing the NaBloPoMo thing again)

6) Back to the guitar!!

7) In addition to decluttering, I'm starting an effort to detoxify the house, as well (That class may have made me paraniod)

8) Have an Easter egg hunt with my neices and nephews

9) Write 6 old fashioned snail-mail letters to friends.

10) Ok...really do the projects from the project box.

And...I got a few fun bloggie ideas I'll hopefully get to in April.


Heather said...

Oh, you just reminded me that I haven't practiced guitar in about two weeks... not good, considering I'm just learning.
Good luck with your April goals!!! Can't wait to see what fun things you have in mind for the blog.

Diane said...

Why doesn't not exercising work for me when it comes to losing weight?! I do it all the time! Er, don't do it all the time, that is. I should be thin as a rail!

What's that? It's the Cadburys? What Cadburys?! I don't know nothin' 'bout no Cadburys! Shut up!

Carolina John said...

you better get on the tri bandwagon. i can't say anything. i only swam once in march, and my first tri of the year (second tri ever) is in 2 weeks! gaa!

why does a reece's cup taste so much better when it's shaped like an egg? gets me every year.

Diane said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your donation to the BC Walk fund!!!! I appreciate it more than you know!!! XOXO