Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tuesday's bad dates

After starting the Tuesday's Bad Dates, I learned a lot about myself. First, I learned that I'm really bad at dating. Secondly, I learned that I have knack for stringing people along for weeks on end before ending to a story. This week will be no different.

Because this week, I am not posting a bad date story. Instead, I am going to tell you about somebody who I'm sure would not be a bad date. Elizabeth, AKA The Evil Overlord is the brainchild behind New England Bloggers (see the button on the right). She is also the brainchild behind:

May Day Giveaway

Several other Yankees like me are participating as well:
Art from the Heart - Catherine in ME
Basia-Spirit Space - Barbara in MA
The Book Kitten - Kitten in CT
Fabric 'N Fiber Fanatic - Sara in NH
Life, as it is... - Tara in MA
Living the Local Life - Virginia in NH
Loving Mom 2 Boys - Liz in RI
My Secret Garden - Sue in MA
Penny's Art Room - Penny in ME
Penny-Wise People - Colleen in NH
Raise Your Hand If... - Carol in MA
Seriously, No Seriously - Michelle
Thoughts from an Evil Overlord - Elizabeth in MA

So what does this have to do with bad dates? Well, I gathered together several dating/relationship advice type books that are currently residing on my bookshelves and put them together in the Tuesday's Bad Dates Giveaway Package! Clearly, this stuff is doing me absolutely no good whatsoever. But they may help somebody out there!

The Tuesday Bad Dates Package:
2 books: 1) FIRST IMPRESSIONS: What You Don't Know About How Others See You
2) THE PROBLEM WITH WOMEN...IS MEN (signed by the author)

2) CHRIS MANN sampler CD (saw this cutie at BlissDom. I'd like to date him)
3) THRIVING IVORY: angels on the moon (also a BlissDom swag)

1 Pack of inspirational cards: FIFTY-TWO WAYS TO FIND YOUR TRUE LOVE CARDS

And I'll wrap it all up pretty with some Hershey's hugs and kisses!

To Enter, just leave me a comment.
Another addtional entry if you follow or sign up to follow me.
Yet another entry if you post or link back here.
And that's just about every idea I could steal from other people out there since I'm kind of tech-deficient.

Good luck! And check out the previous bad dates on the right!


Diane said...

You're giving them away because... they worked so well for you? ;)

lclarey said...

Do I qualify? I haven't had a date in 5 years, and it's going to be very difficult at 60.

Carolina John said...

that is the least funny bad date story yet. i'm just saying.

after 10 years of marriage, i don't think i qualify for the dating advice package. LOL @ diane. but the giveaway is a really good idea.

Heather said...

What a cute idea. And it helps you declutter... so way to be creative!

Katy said...

I just found your blog whilst following links from various other blogs I'd followed links to... you get the idea. And I have just indulged myself by reading all your bad dates - thank heavens, I thought I was the only one! Thanks so much for cheering me up when I'm stuck at home ill :-)