Monday, April 6, 2009

round two gets difficult

First this:
Strawberries are like little edible pieces of heaven

Then this:
After yesterday's perfect weather, today was windy, rainy and cold. Opening day at Fenway was postponed, and then vents in my jeep leaked. BOO! Mother nature has a cruel sense of humor.

And finally, this:
Decluttering this week was a jumpy, scattered process. Usually so soothing and methodical, it got me all wound up. I felt like I should be decluttering my head. I moved into the bedroom area, and sort of got lost. Then, I finally discovered that some of the things I was stuck on are 2 or more steps. I need to make some decisions about some stuff, and it's not the look-and-decide kind of stuff that I went through in phase one.

March 30: Had a flimsy sunglasses case that I keep, for some reason, on the dresser. Don't want it, don't need it. Not recyclable. TOSS!

March 31: In the bedside table, I had a pedometer that not longer works. Again, not recylcable. TOSS!

April 1: Also in the bedside table, I had a bunch of pamphlets and study guides from some classes I had taken over the years. I know I had saved them for some reason. So I moved the whole pile over to the coffee table (which is kind of like a giant IN-BOX) to go through leisurely.

April 2: Laundry night: why am I using a falling apart laundry bin that has dangerous wires sticking out every corner? (again, not recyclable. What is this? the non-recyclable week?) TOSS

April 3: Went over to my parents house for a visit. They are doing some purging of their own. And they gave me a bag of stuff from the back of the closet in my old room. Good, lord; I'm not supposed to be bringing stuff IN! But fortunately, I could put two things right into the donation bag right away: a couple army surplus bags I carried when I was in high school and early in college.

April 4: Ok, this was like some kind of breakthrough moment for me. I was going through some clothes and I came across a sweater set I have. It's really nice. I look great in it. But I never wear it. Because it reminds me of a period in my life that was pretty stressful. And I think of the stress every time I look at the sweater set. I had been keeping it because its really nice. And I look great in it. Whatever. I'm never going to wear it again. donate

April 5: Went through the magazine basket and pulled out some for the gym.

So now, I'm still working on the pile of pamphlets on the coffee table and moving into the front closet (my old nemesis)


Diane said...

I'm with you on the decluttering the head thing...

Heather said...

Yum - I definitely agree with the strawberry bit.
And every time you do this, I say I'm going to get started and declutter my life, too. Yeah - I still haven't started.

Carolina John said...

we have a rule not to allow anything inside the house that's bigger than a loaf of bread. literally, we sneak things back into my in-laws truck when they bring them to us.

Carolina John said...

also, you can totally grow your own strawberries with this set. i got one this year, i'm going to hang the bags from underneath my deck: it's going to be awesome!

Amazing Greis said...

Sorry about Opening Day. If you are like me about baseball and Opening Day, I totally feel your pain. I would be totally devastated if Opening Day didn't happen. :)